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Image by Jordan Egstad — © Copyright 2017

In the last two and a half years I’ve had the privilege of serving brands I’ve known and admired for years (Dwell, Google, Nike, Sonos, TEDx, Stumptown, and others). For the last eight months however, my job has been to maintain and elevate the Instrument brand.

As Instrument’s Brand Designer and Developer, it is my responsibility to create compelling content for all of touchpoints, design and develop case studies that reveal our work & process, create new business tools, and manage the custom Squarespace site we’re built on. The brand is continually growing and evolving, which keeps us all on our toes. And damnit, I like that. If you're in Portland, come by and say hi.

Bee & Bloom

Image by Jordan Egstad — © Copyright 2017

My wife, a honey- and native bee educator, noticed that while there is no shortage of bee-related information on the web, there is a severe lack of quality design and photo content to support it. As a designer, I know that how information is presented goes a long way in determining how widely (and well) it is received. We wanted to create a platform that could lure in non-beekeepers, too - providing an invitation to become curious about these fascinating creatures and spark some inspiration to get involved.

The system created for Bee & Bloom is a result of mixing a variety of design philosophies to create an experience that is playful, elegant and functional. The visual aesthetic was modeled after Emma’s personality and voice; she pairs her experience and intelligence with a humorous disposition to connect with an wider audience.

Black Optical

Image by Jordan Egstad — © Copyright 2015

Black Optical is an fashion eyewear retailer. In 2013, they had two brick and mortar stores in Oklahoma and were looking to open their third and largest store online. My job was to design and develop a digital environment that embodied their brand and in-store shopping experience.

For two and a half years, I was designing, prototyping, testing, tweaking, re-testing, and launching. This site was my obsession, I was always refining. Alongside Darsh&Co, we created an online experience for Black Optical that gained international attention for its design and content.


Image by Jordan Egstad — © Copyright 2016

Much of my work is commercial. It’s not every day that I get to use design to help share ideas in my community. This is why I was thrilled after being asked if I wanted to work with TEDxPortland. 

Alongside my team at Instrument, I was responsible for campaign development, art direction, web design, book design, videography and creative journalism.